I cannot say enough positive things about New England Mothers First. My first breastfeeding experience was so difficult resulting in clogged ducts and mastitis several times. I stopped breastfeeding much earlier than I wanted to because of the pain. This time around I was determined to do things differently and started off working with Kristen as soon as I was home from the hospital. My experience this time around has bern completely different and I actually look forward to breastfeeding. Kristen made me feel relaxed and helped build my confidence with breastfeeding. She makes me feel like I can do this and is the best support anyone can ask for. I could not do this without New England Mothers First! I look forward to continuing my breastfeeding journey and know Kristen is there for all of my questions. Everyone should work with a lactation consultant in my opinion! Thank you Kristen for all of your support!

– Rachael G.

"The other day, Jason packed up my pumps to ship back to Medela for recycling, so I cleaned out my pump bag. In it there were so many notes from you on your NEMF stationery, both from your visits after Nora was born and also from your visits after Rose was born (before they were rudely interrupted by COVID!). I also found all of my breastfeeding and pumping logs from when Rose was an infant. I was just filled with so much gratitude for the support you provided to me and my babies during those times and wanted to reach out to share my thoughts.

As you know, I found breastfeeding, all three times, to be painful, complicated, emotional, stressful, and just plain HARD. I know people who have had an easy time, but I was simply not one of them. But after Nora was born and you visited for the first time, from then on I felt like I wasn't alone. I had you to turn to for thoughtful advice, for logical plans, for emotional support (I can't even begin to count the number of times I cried to you!), for a calming presence, for all sorts of brilliant tips and tricks, and so much more. All of it was so tailored to me and what I needed and wanted as an individual; you weren't giving me pre-packaged advice and plans that you give to everyone but rather working with me to figure out how to support me and my babies as individuals. I never felt judgement from you, not one single time. I only ever felt care and support. Because of you, I was able to feed my babies so, so much more breast milk than I otherwise would have, which is what I wanted, both for them and also for myself, and I was able to do so without completely losing my mind. (At times I felt like I'd gone over the edge, but you always pulled me back up!) I trust you completely, feel enormous appreciation and gratitude for your support, and recommend you to literally every person I know who gets pregnant. I count you among the people who have truly had a deeply profound impact on my life as a mother and as a person, and I will be forever grateful."

– With love and appreciation,

“My baby went from failure to thrive to 95th percentile at her 9 month checkup. She hasn't given up the boob yet. I have Cindy to thank!!”

– Carolan Glatstein

 “Outstanding- approachable- supportive- knowledgeable- passionate- encouraging .... I could not ask for more! Second experience with NEMF and I'm just as happy as with my first experience three years ago! “

– Erica Adler

“I have been incredibly satisfied with NEMF. Kristen has been an absolute lifesaver. She has helped create a plan every step of the way with all of the nursing issues we have had, and I feel like I can count on her100% to make sure I continue nursing.”

– Jordan D.

“I was very satisfied with the services I received. This was my first experience with breastfeeding and I was almost to the point of giving up as my son was having a hard time gaining weight at first. However, thanks to my LC, I am still breastfeeding!”

- Andi Doane

“Kristen was an incredible. She expertly troubleshot our nursing challenges and helped us nurse, which was an amazing success. But she did so in the framework of our family goals, which was very important to us, and she was always calm and caring.”

– Colleen B.

“We are very satisfied. We had trouble we breastfeeding early on - baby had trouble latching and mom didn't know what she was doing either! But Kristen gave us thoughtful, practical advice from the second week through almost one-year. She was terrific.”



“I love Cindy. After my son damaging my nipples from breastfeeding I was going to give up but....Cindy gave me options till I healed and I am able to continue with breastfeeding! Wouldn't be possible without her help!”

– Jamie S.

“Cindy makes me feel like superwoman every time I visit! She takes away any and all concerns I have about breastfeeding my baby. She developed a plan for me to manage pumping and feeding my baby for when I returned to work and it is working out very well!”

– Mallory A.

“Yes! Nancy is excellent - we've tried a number of different consultants, and she was really the one that made a difference.  She helped me and my baby and made me feel comfortable and confident. Lifesaver!!”

– Tara K.


“Yes, I was ready to give up on breastfeeding multiple times. Thanks to Cindy, my baby is almost 8 months old and we are still breast feeding!”

- Kristina M.


“Cindy is positive and a great "cheerleader" who not only helped us physically with feeding but also helped me feel better about myself emotionally as a breastfeeding mother who had some challenges. I am much more confident and my son is thriving.”

- Anonymous


“Amy was incredible! She was so informative, spent a great deal of time addressing my concerns, was friendly and went above and beyond. Because of her, I have recommended your services to all of my nursing friends. She is wonderful!”

- Laura M.


“Amy Coe was an answer to prayer and exactly what I and my new baby needed. She went above & beyond to help me and truly cared about me and what I was feeling. I wish I could see her everyday just because of the calmness and confidence she exudes. Amy came to me at a time when my entire family (extended family too!) were in such a deep need of encouragement, wisdom and help with the little one we had just brought home. We couldn't have asked for a better friend or resource. Thank you to your entire staff for making the enrollment process and any paperwork needed such a seamless effort and taking care of it all. It was a blessing to have you all as a resource!”

- Jennifer M.

“I had an amazing experience with Nancy she was extremely helpful and very pleasant during my visits and easy to talk to. She was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions, I would definitely recommend her!”

- Hannah G.

“Timi has been absolutely amazing to work with. She has been the key to the success I have had thus far in my breastfeeding journey. She always responds timely to my questions and concerns, is extremely knowledgeable and makes me feel comfortable.”

- Leanne L.


Danielle B.​​​​

“I was extremely satisfied with the service provided at NEMF. We saw Cindy several times and she assisted us through MULTIPLE issues. She saved our breastfeeding journey (11 months now!). I can't thank her enough for her continued support.”



Such a positive experience! I never thought I would be able to breastfeed and thanks to Rebecca I am. She was absolutely amazing to work with and incredibly helpful and kind. What a rewarding job you all have! Thank you for the bottom of our hearts!

- Jillian

This service has been wonderful. I feel so supported. Rebecca has been so thoughtful and helpful in what was a challenging experience. I would recommend her services without hesitation! Thank you!

- Allison K.

Cindy is a lifesaver! I had been in tears all morning and she squeezed me in that afternoon and helped me so much. She was so reassuring and restored my confidence in my body and breastfeeding. She had so many useful suggestions and was very gentle and comforting in her approach. If you are having any breastfeeding concerns, go and see her!!!

- Kristen F.

The services I received were excellent. I have already recommended your group to others. I was having a lot of stress around learning to breastfeed prior to my visit and was completely relieved after because I felt like I could contact Rebecca with any questions. She was a very warm person that took her time and really listened to my needs and questions. My main issue with latching was solved after the first visit with a fairly simple change in technique that was recognized by Rebecca right away. I was nervous going into the appointment as I was upset by my baby's weight loss and trouble I had breastfeeding and had already had a lot of advice from family, the nurses and lactation consultants in the hospital and pediatric office so I was not hopeful. After I left I was very happy with the services and felt like Rebecca was the most professional and knowledgeable person I had worked with on breastfeeding. I am very thankful I found your group.

- Shawna H.


I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the service Cindy has provided for my son and me. Once I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to try to breastfeed. I took a breast feeding and birthing class prior and When I was 36 weeks pregnant , I began hand expressing colostrum and even brought some to the hospital for a “just in case” purpose if my son wouldn’t latch. Well, my son was born and latched right away and I was in awe! But, on top of that I saw Cindy as a prenatal appointment a couple weeks before my son was born. I believe that was the icing on the cake. Cindy and I built a relationship and she made me feel confident in being able to breastfeed, which has been a huge success! I look forward to my monthly appointment with Cindy and the advice and help she provides. I highly recommend going to NEMF as a prenatal appointment, you won’t be disappointed!

- Paige F




Hi ladies! Nora turned 1 yesterday! I just wanted to say thank you for all your help over past year - couldn't have done without you! I just nursed her to sleep and made it a full year with Mama's milk. What an amazing journey!!

- Jean Marie F.


Cindy is simply the best! As a scared first time mom at the start of COVID in March 2020, having Cindy guide me through virtual visits and phone guidance when we couldn't safely come see her in person, made all the difference in cementing our breastfeeding journey. She helped us navigate hyperprolactin driven milk production issues, fore and hind milk imbalances, latching positions for torticollis, introducing solids, return to work pumping plans and so many other tidbits. My little guy and I have been able to continue comfort nursing now for 29 months, throughout pregnancy #2 and I'm sure we will be seeing Cindy again in a couple months once we welcome our next baby!